Mardi Gras Craft Venture Making use of Cardstock for Your Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras can get pretty crazy. It really is a exciting, wild time, but at times it can get out of hand. That scene is fantastic for the younger or the young at heart, but if you choose issues a little bit a lot more subdued, you can even now partake in the festivities. Really, you can have Mardi Gras party at residence. And for fun, you and your visitors can make masks with cardstock.

Cardstock-textured cardstock for a little pizzazz-in an assortment of colors ideally royal blues, purples, greens, and yellows

Glitter glue (and of system loose glitter and a selection of glues)

Scissors -straight edge, pinking shears, and possibly some decorative

Appliqués-all varieties, get creative and purchase what’s on sale

Elastic bands

Setup a huge folding table covered in a disposable vinyl desk fabric (for easy thoroughly clean up). Established up all the resources on a scaled-down craft desk. Invite your friends to occur over in the afternoon to make their masks. They’re going to dry by the time it reaches nightfall.

You can get it a step even more and get plastic serving dishes for your meals and embellish the outsides with the same supplies (minus the textured cardstock). Have your attendees aid.

Even though almost mardi gras club outfits is drying, make some easy appetizers and principal dishes. Go potluck type and have a lot of food-which is what this day is all about. For drinks, you can get creative and serve a lot more options than the usual beer and wine. Make drinks that are vibrant, maybe even jell-o photographs for the adults.

Mardi Gras can be a entertaining knowledge for every person. Perhaps your bar-hopping years are powering you. You may have young youngsters, ageing parents, or other obligations that avert you from the joining the group… that is until you collect a group of your friends at your area. You can nevertheless get foolish after in a while.

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